A month with Hashi

Well what an amazing weekend! I am so completely in love with asian food already! It has bowled me over.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with food, never been afraid to cook anything or try anything new, which is helping greatly this year, and I though I had made a pretty good selection of asian food before, now I am ashamed to call what I made asian! Those poor excuses that so many make and call ‘stir fry’ or the tofu dishes I have made, but really!

I am mostly amazed, I think, by soy sauce. Obviously it is something (along with fish sauce and miso) that I just have in my cupboards but I have never made anything like these past few dishes. It seems to have taken on a new taste, and definitely a new significance. I was a little amazed today by the extent which Soy features in asian cuisine, soy sauce, miso paste, soy beans, tofu etc! Also whoever said that tofu was bland needs to be put up against a wall and shot because I am now determined to add some to everything! The texture of fried tofu with noodles is just wonderful!

So last night I made Mee Siam which was a dream, really tasty. Today for lunch I was going to have a crack at a bento box but Sunday is the day Daniel and I like to watch as many films as possible and by the time we were hungry I didn’t have time to make anything proper, also we weren’t too hungry, so I made tamagoyaki and balsamic sesame chicken. I so adore the idea of bento. I think it’s a much better packed lunch solution than what I had growing up and I like to think that I will maybe give it a try when we have kids, as long as they can keep the peer pressure at bay! Also the just bento website it great so im hoping that next weekend we can have a proper bento lunch, now I’ll just have to come up with a creative way of separating all of the food!

Tonight we ate peanut chicken and it was, yet again(!), a revelation. Daniel and I are both pretty skilled with the old chopsticks, enough to hold out own anyway, so we have decided that this month we shall only eat with chopsticks, hence the title of this post, hashi (Daniel has hopefully correctly informed me) means chopsticks in Japanese.

So stay tuned, I think this is going to be a very exciting month.


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